Nano-Hemp Oil Isolate Hand Sanitizer


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Nano-Hemp Oil Isolate is the extra added potent ingredient to our hand sanitizer.  Perfectly sized for use on the go, Nano-Hemp Oil Isolate gets deep into the skin where its antimicrobial powers destroy germs.  We add eucalyptus and French lavender oils plus moisturizer to hydrate the skin while our powerful sanitizer gets to work killing germs and helps to protect you and others around you from illness.

  • 24 milligrams of Nano-Hemp Oil Isolate and 80% Ethyl alcohol – kills germs AND viruses
  • Natural plant oils moisturize and hydrate skin
  • Formulated with care: no animal testing, no GMOs, no gluten, and no allergens.
  • Created and produced in the USA

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Hemp extract is acclaimed for its calming effects on the human body, and its ability to fight pain.  But did you know that it could also be used to fight germs?  Hemp extract has natural antimicrobial properties, allowing it to combat and kill many germs.  Nano-Hemp Oil Isolate gives our already strong and effective hand sanitizer extra power from nature – stopping germs and viruses before they stop you.

Our Nano-Hemp Oil Isolate Hand Sanitizer is infused with the goodness of eucalyptus and French lavender oils, hydrating and sanitizing your hands at the same time.  Nano-Hemp Oil Isolate offers extra microbial properties, giving our hand sanitizer a one-two punch against germs!

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