"NanoBiologics CBD is kicking my wife's pain in the butt...

Many of you are familiar with my wife, Nina, and our family’s struggle with health issues, specifically... her spinal disease, facet arthropathy, which leaves her suffering in daily chronic pain. She’s spent 25 years going from doctor to doctor, visiting multiple health care specialists, and I, the past 22 years, by her side exploring every possible “cure” out there in hopes to find something to ease her pain. I am now working with some friends, a team of doctors and a chemist, who have a lab in Southern California that specialize in CBD research and products.

They started this endeavor when one of their own children suffered from Crohn’s Disease and nothing relieved her pain. He had heard about the pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, but after testing various products, he decided to create his own because he wanted to be sure it was healthy and pure.

In addition to having quality ingredients, they were able to break down the CBD into nano particles (the smallest form) and additionally encapsulated them into a delivery system that has resulted in a more efficient delivery method and more potent absorption of the CBD particles.

When they learned about Nina’s condition, they were excited to use her as a test subject for several of their products due to her extreme condition. Now you need to understand that Nina has tried everything out there: CBD, both psychoactive and non-psychoactive products, acupuncture, chiropractics, yoga, tens units, multiple physical and massage therapists, herbal vitamins, acupressure, pilates, etc., etc. so we were fairly doubtful that there would be any positive results but always willing to try.

She first tried the balm, it instantly calmed her spasms and her pain upon application. After about 10 days of taking the CBD water and tincture, she was sleeping soundly and after a month or so, she cut her pain medication intake in half. We’re talking heavy duty pain meds she’s been on for years in order to function “normally”. While she’s never suffered from anxiety per se, she has found that she’s more relaxed and as a whole…just more calm, which is always good for a pain patient. It’s not a cure, but we’ve definitely seen some really amazing results.

In addition, my daughter had a major ankle sprain. It swelled up like a golf ball, so we started applying the balm, as the ice wasn’t helping much. After a day or two, the swelling went down and it really helped minimize her pain. Now, when she has sore muscles from swimming, she asks Nina to apply the balm. We have been so impressed by the results we’ve gotten, that I decided to join Nano Biologics as a distributor of their products. I’m proud…excited to tell people about these amazing products I’ve discovered, and I obviously feel even more confident because I know these people personally.

The “magic” is in the nanos. The CBD particles are broken down into the smallest particles and then encapsulated into a nano delivery system so the absorption rate is AT LEAST 6 times greater than the average CBD product. So let’s say you have a product (the Pain Balm) that says it has 250mg CBD, NanoBiologics 250 mg CBD will actually provide at least 6 times more absorption so you’ll actually be getting 1500mg! That’s why it works so well, so fast. Additionally, they don't use just random ingredients, they have taken the time to select quality ingredients that work synergistically, for optimal performance. I’ve yet to give it to someone who says, “it didn’t work” or “I didn’t like it”. Usually what happens is they ask me for one to give to a friend. Our friends keep coming back and my retailers can’t keep it on the shelves. I’ve watched swollen arthritic hands abate after applying the balm. We've had multiple friends who eased their neck and back pain, and a friend who relieved the pain and spasms from a pulled hamstring, back pain, knee pain, spasms, shoulder pain, elbow pain, arthritis, anxiety, Crohn’s Disease…all things that I’ve personally witnessed be treated by NanoBiologics products, but there are so many other problems that can potentially be treated by NanoBiologics CBD. Ask me how to get it!"

“Being on the road...

and wrestling all year in different time zones, sleep can get really messed up with jet lag. CBD really helps me get some solid rest and allows my body to reset so I can continue to travel and kick some butt!”

“I had a spider bite ...

that was extremely painful and full of poison for a week that would not come to a head so I could extract the poison.

I applied the CBD pain relie fbalm to the bite, the pain went away instantly and within an hour the bite came to a head. After I extracted the poison from the bite I continued to apply the ointment and the next day it was gone.

I have also used it for lower back pain, cramping in my legs, headaches and skin irritation. The pain virtually disappeared.”


- Rose, Nano CBD Pain Relief Balm, 250 mg

“I was having a lot of pain...

radiating from the sciatic nerve running down my left leg, to a point that I could not step down on that leg. I took one Nano CBD pill and the pain literally disappeared within an hour.

I also used the Nano CBD pain relief balm on my arm as I was experiencing a rash that was itching something terrible. The ointment made the itching subside in about 10 minutes and did not come back.”


- Desireé

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