The Leader in "Nano Hemp Science"

"Nano Hemp Science".

Through Strategic partnerships with professional growers, extraction scientists, regional & national product developers and the most respected ISO 17025:2005 accredited hemp laboratory in the United States, NanoBiologics has emerged as the pacesetter in the industry.


Currently, NanoBiologics has developed a Proprietary IP Technology nanosizing technology that allows for multiple applications within the hemp industry.

Our technology reduces the molecular conglomeration of hemp molecules to such an extremely small size that we are able to "encapsulate" the hemp molecules with a jacket of water molecules that render the hemp 100% biologically available at the cellular level. In comparison, hemp-infused products using oils or isolates where bio-availability ranges from 35%-55% (smoking or vaporizing) to a low of 8%-14% for infused edibles and beverages. Even medicines developed with the hemp extracted oils such as hemp and THC although extremely concentrated and the potency can be very high, the amount the body can actually absorb into the cellular matrix is less than 50% in the best cases. NanoBiologics solves all these problems and more.

Advantages of NanoBiologics products:

Good Noʼs

No odor

No taste

No pesticides

No biologicals 
(mold/mildew/bacterial growth)


Kinetically stable at ambient (room temperature)

Thermally stable at ambient

Two year shelve life under proper storage

Cellular Uptake

Average increased cellular uptake 6 times more ABSORPTION

Average time-to-effect 6 times FASTER

Average side effects 6 times LESS side effects

NanoBiologics solutions can be easily incorporated into any recipe that uses water or milk or any water compatible liquid in the recipe.

In hemp delivery systems such as capsules, patches and sub-lingual deliveries nano molecules can be dosed extremely accurately down to the 1/10th of a milligram.


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